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5 Simple Boat Upgrades That Make Life Onboard A Little More Comfortable

No matter how much luxury you may already have onboard your boat, there will always be new gadgets, tools, devices, and electronics that hit the market that may make life at sea even easier. Making your boat more comfortable does not need to be costly, so we will focus only on items that retail at $1000 or less.

Mailasail Red Box
Depending on the size of your boat and how much time you spend on it, having a wireless network on board may have not have previously been a priority. However, with the Mailasail Red Box, a quality, secure wireless network does not need to be a costly investment. The RedBox is a smart, compact wireless router integrating satellite communications, 3G cellular and WiFi connectivity. It provides an onboard communications platform featuring least cost routing, wireless NMEA instrument data, firewall, enhanced GPS tracking and crew email & web optimization. When it comes to simply connecting to the Internet, the Red Box supports a wider range of devices, including satellite phones, 3G/4G cellular phones as well as long-range wi-fi booster solutions. The Red Box is also great for boosting weak wireless signals when docked and attempting to connect to a Marina’s free wireless network.

PureWater Filter Systems
Depending on the size of your boat and how much time you spend on it, if your primary source of water is bottled water, you’re going to make a lot of empty bottles very quickly. Aside from the obvious environmental concerns, after a while this can also become an unnecessary cost and nuisance onboard. Systems like the PureWater Filter systems are now available that can be attached to your boat’s primary or a secondary tank with secondary faucets, and are so effective that they can filter virtually all bacteria and viruses from the water. There are also separate attachments available that attach to the filters that can attach to ice makers allowing you to create a steady supply of ice onboard.

Stand-Up-Paddleboard / Kayak Hybrid
When out on the open ocean or docked at an island and interested in exploring the coastline, two fast, functional and easy to transport modes of transportation are stand-up paddleboard’s, or SUPs, and kayaks. However, depending on the trip, the conditions, and what you’re looking to do, certain situations may call for one craft over the other. Perception Hi Life has now created a watercraft that is the best of both worlds, a SUP / Kayak hybrid that you can either safely sit on or stand up on as needed. The low profile hull shape also creates excellent stability, ensuring that users of just about any age can safely navigate without fear of flipping over. Features include a fold-down back rest (so it doesn’t get in the way when you paddle standing), a cooler storage area under the seat, a tankwell in the back for extra storage, a cup holder, and a center rail that runs from bow to seat allows you to mount extra accessories. It measures 11 x 1.8 feet and has a maximum weight capacity of 280 pounds.

Fishunter Directional 3D Fish Finder
Whether you’re out on a quick day trip, or an overnight boating adventure, it’s always fun to toss in a line and go fishing if you have the chance. If you’re unfamiliar with the local fishing spots, one easy way to improve your chances for tight lines it to use a fish finder. The FishHunter Directional 3D is a completely portable fish finder that includes 5 tri-frequency transducers in a sonar device that can fit in your pocket. The patented FishHunter Directional 3D technology allows you to see picture quality renderings of bottom contour up to 160ft below the surface and up to 200ft away. The fish finder works directly with your phone so you can easily move around the boat and still have full visualization of what’s beneath the surface. It also has a number of features that improve your chances of catching something like directional casting which helps you pick the best location to cast, structure mapping, and 3d visualization options.

DJI Mavic Pro Drone
When you’re out on the open ocean, a popular new trend is getting awesome aerial footage of your trip via drone. When it comes to cost, quality and portability, the DJI Mavic Pro is one of the best options for your adventure filmmaking. With its rotor arms folded into the body, the total size of the Mavic Pro is 8.3cm wide! This means it can be put into a bag and carried around with ease. Most of the other models on this list will require some kind of specially built carrying case. It also features a 3830 mAh intelligent battery which means the Mavic Pro has an incredible flight time of 27 minutes. Also don’t forget you can always buy spare batteries to double or triple its flight time! The Mavic Pro also has a flight range of 7km, which is further than most other commercial drones in it’s price range. Best of all The drones’ camera is able to record 4k in 24fps (frames per second) and 1080p in up to 96 fps for high quality films to share with family, friends and the rest of the world.

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