About Tess Electrical

Our strength is our
commitment to service.

Tess Electrical - An Industry Leader

TESS LLC has been a leading provider of marine electrical services in the South Florida area for more than 30 years. Tess provides diligent work and services to the yacht, mega yacht, cruise ships, commercial vessels and other clients around the world. Our team is able to work quickly and efficiently within a yacht’s tight schedules. We understand that the yacht is the owner’s or charter quest’s relaxation method and also the crew’s living and workplace. Our motto is “Our Strength is our Commitment to Service” and we live by that.

When our client’s call us, they know that their requests will be addressed in a timely manner, delivered on time and budget, and executed to perfection. Tess also has an excellent team of sales and service staff and partnerships with some of the best manufacturers of marine products in the world. Our sales, service, and support are also backed worldwide through our partners RH Marine Group.

Working With Tess Electric

When it comes to crunch time the last thing the crew needs to be concerned with are onboard electrical systems functioning properly with us as there preferred contractor they will understand that we have their back covered. At Tess Electrical, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond what is normally expected in the marine electrical services arena. Our clients feel safe and confident with their vessels, and their crews can focus on providing their guests with the service they deserve.

We specialize in Engineering, Alarm and Monitoring Systems, Generator power management systems, switchboards, shore converters, control panels, load banks, DC systems, and general electrical service work whether repairs, retrofits, or new construction. We have become highly diversified and hope to provide for our customers and have the ability to handle all facets of yacht installations including; Marine & Shore.

Our Areas of Expertise

We specialize in a wide variety of marine electrical and marine engineering services. Our primary service offerings are listed below, however, we do offer a wide array of custom electrical and engineering services to both land and marine clients.

Primary Engineering Services

  • Engineering & Design
  • Service
  • Green Technologies
  • LED Lighting & Control
  • Automation including Alarm, Monitoring, and Fire Detection Systems
  • Experience Harmonic Diagnostics

Our marine services and support extend to yachts, marine vessels, commercial vessels and more. We also provide land-based electrical services to marinas, shipyards, and general businesses.

Products & Brands We Work With

Tess Electrical works with a wide variety of premier products and brands. You can find a selection of some of our more commonly used products, electrical supplies, and brands below.

  • Marine Fire & Alarm systems by TYCO
  • ABB electrical components
  • Merlin Gerlin/Schneider, Telemecanique electrical components & all other production device manufactures
  • Mastervolt and Victron Product lines chargers, converters & inverters
  • Vimar Products
  • Cantilupi Lighting Products
  • Roxtec | Rise Systems
  • Phoenix Contact Products
  • Northstar AGM Batteries
  • Rittal Enclosures
  • Class Approved IEEE Cable

Tess Electrical Engineering Philosophy

Our marine engineering team supports all of our in-house departments as well as many of our other companies worldwide. Our engineering expertise is well known in the industry for everything from small circuit design to large construction projects.

Due to our global reach, our experience and system knowledge can engineer any marine engineering requirements onboard mega yachts. From Load Analysis to main switchboards, Power management systems to generation plants, Classification documentation to drawing updates, we have the solution and package to fulfill your marine engineering needs.

RH Marine Group - Our Parent Company

RH Marine is a global industry leader in the maritime market. An international company with businesses and locations in more than 80 countries around the world, RH Marine Group services nearly every maritime segment, from deep sea vessels to naval ships, cruise vessels, mega yachts, special vessels, inland shipping and fishery vessels. 

RH Marine Group delivers unparalleled technical expertise and provides innovative, custom solutions and sustainable technology solutions for its clients. While the company’s heritage can be traced all the way back to 1860, it has been in existence since 2015 when Imtech Marine was acquired and rebranded as RH Marine, paying homage to one of its founding companies, Radio Holland.

Founded in 1984, Tess has continually built up an excellent reputation with our customers and we believe in providing excellent services, doing the job right the first time, and standing behind our work. We have fostered long-lasting relationships around the world, based on professionalism, competency quality, and trust.

RH Marine and Tess Electrical LLC began acquisition discussions in early 2006. By bringing RH Marine’s backing to our existing business infrastructure, we have been able to provide unmatched services to the Fort Lauderdale yacht industry.