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Automation Services

TESS provides reliable technical solutions for yachts, ferries, cruise vessels, fishing, and commercial transport vessels as well as some land based applications. TESS is a leading system integrator of state-of-the-art technology to support the core processes of complex vessels and buildings, with innovative and sustainable solutions in power managment, automation and, lighting control systems.

Alarm, monitoring and control are vital functions on marine vessels. TESS develops and implements these systems, as well remote platform performance monitoring. At the Automation department we focus on new systems, upgrading and expanding existing systems, or even refitting an entire vessel’s AMCS (Alarm Monitoring Control System) and PMS (Power Management System).

Our latest, state of the art AMCS utilizes NavVision, a system created by Free Technics, now under the ownership of our parent company, RH Marine Group in Rotterdam, NL. NavVision is a modern, user friendly system allowing for real-time vessel wide information dissemination via fully customizable graphical user interface pages to the operator. Utilizing WAGO PLCs, the system communicates with TCP-IP protocols via CAT VI lines with the latest in networking technology, allowing real-time information of a vessel’s current state with transfer rates exceeding CAN by up to 100 times. Upgrading an existing system is also quicker, and cheaper than its alternatives, thanks to the cleverly designed modular structure. We also support and customize existing Praxis Ricom 2000, 3000 and, 3500 AMCSs. With hundreds of customers in the marine industry currently employing the Praxis Ricom series AMCS system components, we offer upgrading services, maintenance and, troubleshooting to these customers

Power Management System

Power stability in all conditions with minimal risk and maximum uptime, from generators to utility grids and back, is critical to maritime and building operations. TESS designs and installs power generation and distribution systems from new, or as an upgrade to the vessel’s or building’s existing power plants. Our Power Management System designs consist mainly of Gensys 2.0 control modules by CRE Technologies from Sophia-Antipolis, FR, for which we provide services consisting of design, programing, installation, maintenance and, upgrading for the customer’s power generation, synchronization, transfer, load sharing and, load bank control needs. Gensys 2.0 can be, and often does get, fully integrated in our, or third parties’ AMCSs providing real-time, easy to read and understand information to the end user. Although out of production, we also offer support and services to customers employing original Gensys models.

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