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Choosing The Right Lighting For Your Dock

Whether you operate a large scale commercial marina, or simply have a private slip at your home, having proper dock lighting is not only important for avoiding dangerous situations but can also create a beautiful environment for people to enjoy at night both from the land and the water. So when choosing the lighting for your dock, it’s important to think about who will be using it and how it will be used at night. In most cases, proper dock lighting should really provide an ambiance without causing excessive light pollution, however in commercial situations or with marina’s that house larger vessels, more powerful lighting may be required to ensure safety.

For owners of personal slips, waterfront homes, or for some marinas, soft glowing dock lights are often time an excellent option. These lights will provide ample lighting to ensure the safety of anyone who may be boating at night, and will also create a very subtle ambiance that can be enjoyed while walking on the dock. In addition, these lights do not produce harsh, bright lights for clean, even waterfront lighting and not a more harsh “spotlight” effect.

For marinas that cater to much larger boats and commercial vessels, the dock lighting should often be more functional so that anyone docking at night can clearly see everything that they would need. In these situations it’s good to have various lighting sources in place to ensure proper illumination not only for those who may be docking boats, but also for those people who may be walking along the dock or pier. For these situations flat, close to the ground marker lights along with more brightly lit safety lights mounted high above the dock and casting light downward make a great combination. It is also helpful for boaters when these safety lights are attached directly to dock posts to better assist with safe docking of larger boats.

If the security of your marina and the boats docked there are a concern, then you may also want to include additional overhead security spotlighting at various entry points to your marina and dock. These lights can be activated for short bursts of light by motion sensors, or on a timer if needed and will not only increase the security of anyone who may be coming and going from your marina late at night, but will also be effective in deterring any potential intruders.

If you would like to learn more about the various dock lighting options that Tess can install and configure at your marina as well as the rest of our land division services, please contact our experienced sales and service team here.

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