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Engineering the Marine Industry – Design, Develop, Trust

TESS engineers design, develop and test each of the marine electrical projects provided to our customers.  The company is contracted to build new or refit existing main electrical switchboards, new or modified AMC (alarm, monitor and control) systems, cable specification and layout to name a few of the diverse project types.  The engineers, being intricately involved in each of these, provide schematic and mechanical drawings, cable run diagrams and material lists to the technicians and as built final documentation to the customer.

Safety is always our first priority, while providing the engineering of these projects.  For over 30 years we have completed all work to the highest standards of safety while TESS engineers and technical managers ensure the projects meet these and applicable industry agency standards.  As the materials and agency rules change our engineering staff updates system design to ensure satisfactory operation and full compliance.

The professional personnel working onboard yachts today are tasked with operating varied and complex systems which are similar in task but at times quite diverse in design to those found on other vessels.  In order to provide adequate, concise information to assist the crew member in maintaining these systems, our engineering department provide documentation including complete schematic diagrams of wiring, component layout and operational description.

The engineering personnel are contacted via the technical managers, technicians and customers to assist in system diagnostics and troubleshooting.  They also assist in obsolete materials replacement by researching the operation of the system and integration of the new component.  Any wiring changes necessitated by the integration of new components will be documented for the customer.

The engineering department at TESS is an integral part of the company providing needed services and information to our technicians and customers.  Please contact them at any time.

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