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February 21, 2017
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The Importance of Performing Basic Preventative Maintenance On A Yacht

One important aspect of keeping a boat or yacht of any size running at peak performance is preventative maintenance. This applies not only to the boats engines, but also it’s electrical systems, navigation, and other automation and warning systems.

Since there are so many different components and services working together within your yacht, it is important to establish a strategic maintenance schedule for your yacht. While every boat is different, so will have different needs for maintenance, we have created a basic sample maintenance schedule to address some basic systems and services that require preventative maintenance.

What items need to be regularly maintained?
While running preventative maintenance on your entire yacht is of course important, a few specific systems that should absolutely be focused on are:

  • Lights and light systems
  • Alarms and monitoring systems
  • The boats circuit breakers
  • Other general electrical services
  • Any systems that are exposed to salt water regularly, such as the salt water open systems.

What is defined as regular preventative maintenance?
In the world of yacht’s and large marine vessel’s, most major problems that are either uncovered during surveys or that occur on their own accord are the result of a condition that could have been prevented had proper preventative maintenance been performed.  Every boat will have different needs for preventative maintenance, but there are various systems and services on every boat that should be maintained regularly.

Monthly to Semi Annually

  • Turn on all interior and running lights to check they are in operation. If any are not in operation, replace bulbs and confirm they are now working.
  • Test all batteries on board to confirm they still have capacity, and replace any that are not operating at full or maximum accepted capacity.
  • Check all wiring and make sure that it is still fully approved for marine electrical applications and that all wires are neat and secured.
  • Check the water level of your battery
  • Clean all exterior bulb contact points, spray with anti-corrosion spray
  • Ensure your wires and connections are adequately protected against any chafing or strain that could cause them to degrade or corrode.
  • Clean all battery posts and tops

Every Other Day To Every Other Week

  • Clear your exhaust system and bilge to ensure that bilge pump can remove water in an emergency
  • Run basic usage tests of all essential navigation systems and warning lights
  • Check the battery charge level and voltage

Performing regular preventative maintenance to your yachts electrical systems and warning systems is crucial to the efficiency, longevity, and condition of your yacht, it’s overall safety and reliability. Have additional questions? Call our professionals today.

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