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April 18, 2017
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Improve Yacht Safety & Efficiency By Introducing Automation On Your Vessel


One excellent way to improve the overall safety and efficiency of your yacht is to design and implement automation for different systems on your vessel. Automation typically focuses on creating new systems, upgrading and expanding existing systems, or even refitting an entire vessel’s AMCS (Alarm Monitoring Control System) and/or PMS (Power Management System). While there are numerous automations that can be designed and implemented dependent on the yacht and it’s needs, here are a few primary areas to focus your initial automations.

Alarm System Automations
The primary goal of any automation system is to improve safety on your vessel. With this in mind, automation can be used to trigger alarms or warning systems depending on any number of events that may occur on the yacht. For example, let’s assume that a pump has been left open, it is transferring water and an overflow is now occurring. Instead of waiting until the overflow has become a serious issue to identify the problem, automating an alarm system to go off as soon as the overflow happens will greatly improve the safety on your craft.

Power Management Automation
Another very important area to design and implement custom automations for your yacht are for your power management systems. Depending on the size of the vessel and the systems that are on board, there may be any number of generators responsible for the various systems. Designing automations to better manage the power on your craft will go a very long way in ensuring all of your most crucial systems continue to run as you need them to, ultimately ensuring your safety. For example, automations can be created that will watch each of the generators responsible for providing power to your various systems. In the even that one of these generators becomes overloaded, the automation system can immediately identify this overload and pass the load to a different or backup generator.

Custom Hardware / Software Automation
The best Automations for a yacht or commercial vessel are going to be the specific automations that were designed for the craft. Utilizing systems like NavVision or Praxis Ricom allow for marine engineers to utilize the latest in networking technology to create secure, closed loop systems for just about any automation need you may have. We are also able to utilize hardware products like Gensys control modules that allow for our engineers to provide design, programing, installation, maintenance and, upgrading for the customer’s power generation, synchronization, transfer, load sharing and, load bank control needs.

Safety should always be the number one concern on any yacht or commercial vessel and automation systems are an excellent way to best ensure safety. Tess provides reliable automation solutions for yachts, ferries, cruise vessels, fishing, and commercial transport vessels as well as some land based applications. Speak to one of our experts today about the automation options available to your craft.

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