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April 3, 2017
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Improving Your Vessel’s Reliability With Current Injection Testing


When it comes to electrical systems and automation within mega yachts and commercial vessels, the number one focus is always to improve the overall safety for everyone on board by ensuring the reliability and efficiency of all of the equipment on board. In order to ensure that your equipment and electrical systems continue to operate safely and at full capacity, there are a number of tests and surveys that can be performed on a Yacht to identify any problems. When performing these tests and surveys, one of the more important ones to run is current injection testing.

What Is Current Injection Testing?
Current injection testing is the process of testing the circuit breakers on a ship by injecting electrical current through them. These tests, which are also focused on reliability of equipment as well as the efficiency of the equipment, help to identify any breakers that aren’t running at peak performance and could be causing inefficiencies throughout your electrical system. This type of preventative maintenance gives you the confidence that your protective relay equipment and circuit breakers will keep your electrical, navigation, and safety systems fully operational.

What Can It Prevent
This type of preventative maintenance always has the primary goal of improving safety on your vessel. It looks to prevent any failures in circuit breakers, overloads in breakers, any systems that may be impacted by the inadvertent switching or failure of breakers, and any other failures in your electrical system that could occur in relation to your circuit breakers. The services and systems most important to test would be any systems that directly impact the service of the vessel, any alarm or monitoring systems on the vessel, and any navigation systems.

Our Current Injection Testing Process
We perform a series of primary and secondary current injection tests on your vessel depending on it’s size and complexity of electrical system. Our current injection testing process identifies any inefficiencies or safety concerns within your electrical system and allows for our marine electricians to implement a solution so that the probability of the craft being at risk of failure of a service is extremely remote. We also identify any situations where the loss of particular essential service would cause serious risk to the craft, and can design fallback systems so that the service is fed so that no single failure in the electrical supply or distribution systems would affect these services. At the completion of our current injection testing process we prepare a full written report that is provided to the customer for their records.

Tess Electric provides current injection testing for mega yachts, commercial vessels, and other large scale marine vessels and marine electrical systems. Speak to one of our experienced marine electricians today about a full electrical survey.

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