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August 8, 2016
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In Loving Memory – Frank Salenieks

This past Thursday, August 18th 2016, our friend Frank Salenieks passed away.  It happened suddenly and without warning. We had no time to prepare, no time to say goodbye, Frank’s passing is a complete shock for all of us. If you ask me though, that’s exactly how Frank would have wanted to go. He never wanted attention, and he definitely didn’t want people to cry for him, Frank only wanted peace.

Frank’s personality was extremely unique, to say it lightly, and also completely unforgettable. To be blunt Frank’s personality at times left much to be desired. A few words that come to mind when describing our old friend… grumpy, sarcastic, brash, curmudgeon, politically incorrect.  Frank was a man that did not stutter, he was never afraid, and most importantly, would always tell you what was on his mind no matter the consequence. Frank cared deeply for those he held close, and told the rest of the world to go piss off, it’s just who he was.  The magical part about Frank was what he hid underneath his hard exterior. My friend had a heart of gold. Frank loved his family, friends and Boston Red Sox unconditionally. He literally would melt every time he saw an animal, didn’t matter if it was a dog, lizard, bird or horse, all animals were important to Frank. He loved nature and the quiet of it all. Long walks in the park, horseback rides, a day at the dog park and lounging on the beach, this is what Frank did on his spare time, and these are the places that truly made him happy.

Frank’s friendship has been, and will always be, something special we all cherish here at TESS. The knowledge he shared with me and all who worked with him is priceless. I know many of you that read this will also feel his presence in your hearts forever. We were lucky the lucky ones. Rest in peace my friend, you will be missed.

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