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Magnus Marine – Dependable Products, Parts, And Service

magnus marine

In the world of marine engineering and electronics, dependability and quality are two of the most important factors when it comes to products and equipment. And when it comes to dependability and quality, Magnus Marine is one of the premier manufacturers. Utilized by many of the world’s top shipbuilders and megayachts, the systems that Magnus Marine produces guarantee comfort, convenience, and safety.

Tess LLC is a proud provider of Magnus Marine products and parts as well as a huge selection of marine electrical supplies. Tess also provides industry-leading service and support for these products. Each Magnus Marine system is precisely engineered for the unique power requirements of each individual yacht. Their range of products is designed to ensure that you are able to connect and control yacht power all over the world.

Magnus Marine Products

SP100 and SP200 Yacht Shore Power Converters

Customized design of a Magnus Marine Shore Power Converter offers guaranteed performance and huge flexibility to maximize space and improve ventilation. Using a shore power converter instead of an isolation transformer provides a connection to any worldwide shore power supply of 50 or 60 Hz. A connection is quick and simple as there is no risk of current leakage, inrush, or phase sequence complications.

Some of the remarkable benefits of a Shore Power Converter include:

  • Zero in-harbor emissions and pollution
  • Reduced energy costs and onboard maintenance
  • No vibration or noise that greatly improves onboard comfort for guests and crew
  • No engineer supervisions required
  • No interference with neighboring berths
  • Protection of onboard equipment from shore faults such as surges and sags
  • Regulated output without the need for crew intervention
  • Possible to run parallel to onboard generations for extra power when required.
  • No power disturbances during supply changes from shore to a generator or vice versa
  • Modular design reduces space requirements
  • Increases the sales value of the yacht

CN200 Yacht CleanNet

Increased onboard automation and different power requirements make it essential to provide a clean electrical supply for guest comfort as well as for sensitive loads.

The sensitivity of certain loads to supply disturbances such as sags, voltage distortion, and frequency instability can be safeguarded by installing a separate supply that runs independently of the yacht’s AC bus.

CleanNet supply is exclusively reserved for sensitive loads such as the entertainment and lighting network of the yacht while loads such as pumps, automation, air conditioning, and winches are powered by the main bus of the ship.

The converter will automatically bypass to the main ship’s bus in the event of a fault condition. Protection comes into operation as soon as it is connected to power.

The main benefits and features of CleanNet include:

  • Protects and isolates sensitive equipment from power disturbances, frequency instability, voltage distortion, and voltage sags
  • No interference with sensitive equipment
  • Fully galvanic and pure sinusoidal output supply
  • Black box design that requires no crew intervention

FC100/200 Frequency Converter

Installed on board, frequency converters can power onboard equipment with different power supply requirements to that normally found on the AC distribution of a yacht.

Items used by guests on board can readily be used with connection via the U.S.A. or European socket outlets. The converter can also be used to power special equipment such as tenders and certain machinery that requires an alternative supply.

Some of the major benefits and features include:

  • RFI protection for the prevention of supply disturbances
  • Isolated output supply
  • Standard cabinet customization
  • Active Front End provides minimal supply disturbances
  • Low earth leakage
  • Low operating costs and enhanced efficiency
  • Protects equipment from voltage
  • No interference with sensitive equipment
  • Rugged overload capability and low noise operation

ES200 Yacht Energy Storage

Yacht energy storage provides improved generator efficiency and emissions. During load fluctuations, excess generator power is stored by the ES200 Energy Storage system to be used when the power demand exceeds that provided by the generator.

Benefits and unique features include:

  • An entire package that includes the inverter, batteries, and energy management system.
  • Charge and discharge flow rates determined by generator load inputs
  • Load leveling stores energy when demand is low and delivers energy when it is high
  • Spinning Reserve meets shortfalls by supplying backup power during silent ship operation or a loss of generator power.
  • Battery management unit to monitor current, temperature, and voltage
  • Graphical display for easy control and monitoring
  • Current protection from converter and energy storage

Services and Support for Magnus Marine Products

Magnus Marine offers a choice of support packages for total peace of mind well after purchase and installation. International service agreements can be selected to suit the individual needs of owners, shipyards, and crew with engineering support available 24/7 throughout the year. Your choice of service level agreement includes engineer attendance and delivery of spare parts anywhere in the world.

In order to guarantee years of dependable power, Magnus Marine recommends the attendance of one of their engineers at commissioning, included in the Silver and Gold level service agreements at no extra cost. Fully documented commissioning includes:

  • Electrical check and initial power-up
  • Full functionality testing and set-up
  • Internal/external inspection
  • Check control and monitoring interfaces

Magnus Marine products are essentially maintenance-free but an annual inspection and service are recommended to identify and correct any damaged cables and joints which may have worked loose due to thermal stress. This will ensure years of dependable power and total peace of mind.

Because of the high quality of Magnus Marine products, finding a service provider should be pretty easy no matter where you are in the world. If you are located in Florida you can contact us directly, and if not, you can contact Magnus Marine directly.

The Importance of Shore Power Converters

Built for yachts of the future, new generation power converters by Magnus Marine Systems are built to deliver reliable marine power wherever you are in the world. They significantly reduce harmful emissions and provide ultimate quiet power when in the harbor.
The innovative modular design of the SP100 and SP200 maximizes power availability by providing a highly reliable, efficient and clean shore power conversion system. Multiple input converters can be connected to any available supply. Power Factor for any power source ensures minimum supply distribution and maximum power availability. Built-in automatic synchronization provides seamless transfer from shore to a generator and vice versa.

Tess LLC is a registered provider of sales and service for Magnus Marine products and parts in the United States. For more than 30 years Tess has been providing marine and electrical services to the large megayacht industry in the South Florida area. Magnus Marine is a world-class design and manufacturing company delivering reliable marine power to the finest yachts in the world. Their systems, designed for safety, convenience, and comfort, are the first choice for many of the world’s leading shipyards dealing in luxury yachts.

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