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December 12, 2018
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Marine Electrical Products You’ll Want On Your Yacht
February 27, 2019
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Marine Electrical Supplies You Should Consider Buying

marine electrical supplies

If you are a boat or yacht owner or are thinking about buying a boat or yacht, then you should definitely familiarize yourself with marine electrical supplies. Below are a few supplies you’ll want to consider getting, as well as useful information about them and tips for buying them.

Marine Electric Fuel Pumps

Fuel pumps are an important part of the motor because they play a role in transporting fuel from the tank to the fuel injection system. Electrical marine pumps are available in various styles and specs. However, they typically fall under two categories, one being mechanical fuel pumps and the other being electrical fuel pumps. 

Electric fuel pumps are ideal for boats that require high-fuel pressures, such as boats with turbochargers. Mechanical fuel pumps are good, but electric ones are typically better in terms of performance. If you want a pump that will last a long time, then electric pumps are the best option.

There are many types of electric fuel pumps for boats, and this includes Holley fuel pumps, Billet pumps, and Weldon pumps. Others include Marine Comp and Aeromotive pumps. All of those brands of pumps are reputable, reliable and durable, but there are many other brands that are known for high-quality pumps. Do your research and compare as many fuel pumps as you can.

Shore Power Converters

Shore power converters are pretty much a must for all boats, regardless of their size or what they’re used for whether it’s transporting cargo, passengers or anything else. These converters are designed to let a boat recharge it’s batteries using the electrical grid at the port they are docking at. Even if the port’s operating voltage is different than the ship’s, it will still be able to utilize the power because the converter will kick in. 

There are many benefits of shore power converters. One of the biggest benefits is that they save you quite a bit of money because they reduce the amount of diesel fuel consumed. Not only that, but these converters reduce air pollution that occurs when the boat’s engine is running in port. Furthermore, these converters don’t make much noise, regardless if the boat is running or docked. 

A few of the leading brands that make and/or market converters include Piller, ANG, and Magnus Marine. Those are only a handful of brands that make shore power converters. It’s advisable to compare brands and ask an experienced marine electrician if you need help choosing a shore power converter. 

Marine Electrical Plugs

Marine electrical plugs are just what they sound like, electrical plugs that are designed to be used on boats. After they have been installed on a boat, then those who are aboard can plug electrical devices into them such as phone chargers, sounds systems, televisions, and much more. Marine electrical plugs are similar to plugs that are used in homes, RVs, mobile homes and so forth, but are rated for use on boats. 

As for features that a good electrical plug will have, this includes being both waterproof and erosion proof. The best plugs are durable and typically made with stainless steel. If it isn’t made with stainless steel, the plug should still be built to last. 

When buying electrical plugs, make sure you are aware of the voltage you will need. This will depend on the electrical gear you will typically be powering while on the boat. Also, the larger the boat and the number of passengers you have on average will play a role in how many marine electrical plugs you’ll need. It’s also good to keep extra marine electrical plugs on hand if you own a larger boat or yacht. As these plugs can be damaged, especially when out on the water, it’s good to be able to replace them right away to avoid any electrical safety concerns.

Marine Electrical Outlet Boxes

Electrical outlet boxes that are designed for boats are meant to protect various electrical components. This includes protecting wiring connections to protect against short circuits. Marine electrical boxes are also crucial role in reducing the risk of fires breaking out due to short circuits. 

There are a number of different types of marine electrical outlet boxes. This includes boxes that mount onto a wall, which are the most commonly used ones. Regardless of the type of electrical outlet box you get, it should be waterproof and durable enough to protect the wiring inside. 

Marine Electrical Connectors

Marine electrical connectors have been designed to withstand harsh environments that boats often experience while out on the water. Do bear in mind that the best connectors are able to withstand immersion of a few feet of water.

Generally speaking, electrical connectors for boats do not cost that much money. However, prices do vary from brand to brand, which is why it’s important to compare a few brands that make electrical connectors for boats. Although they don’t cost a lot, you still want to compare as many as possible because you want to use reliable connectors. 

All you have to do now is browse and compare electric fuel pumps, shore power converters, marine electrical plugs, electrical outlet boxes, and marine electrical connectors. Remember to only buy quality marine electrical products & supplies. Doing this will ensure you get the most from the supplies you use.

Finding Marine Electrical Supplies

If you’re looking to stock up on marine electrical supplies of any kind, Tess Electrical is here to help. Tess Electrical has access to thousands of various marine electrical supplies and our experienced sales and service team can help you find the electrical supplies that will work best for your boat or yacht. 

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