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Are You Missing Out On These Top of the Line Yacht Electronics?

For many yacht owners, their yacht is like their home away from home on the water, so top of the line yacht electronics are one key way to make sure you have ultimate comfort and safety when you’re out cruising. As there are so many unbelievable tools and systems that can be integrated in to a yacht, we’ve put together a list of a few of the ones we think every yacht owner should know about.

Yacht Sound Systems
Whether entertaining friends and family on your yacht, or just out for an intimate trip with one or two people, having an excellent sound system to provide the soundtrack to your trip is a must. For some yacht owners, a simple stereo will do, but for those who want to create a more immersive experience, we have some ideas for you. A top of the line yacht sound system starts with high quality, marine rated speakers strategically built in to the panels of your yacht as well as hidden within different items like seating so that no matter where you are on the boat, you can always hear the music clearly without it needing to be too loud in any one location. Many top of the line systems will also allow you to adjust the volume for specific speakers, so that certain parts of your boat can be a bit louder than others to ensure all guests are comfortable.

In addition to standard speakers, strategically placed subwoofers and an external amplifier can really round out the sound quality of your sound system, giving a new dimension to any event you may be holding. Having an experienced yacht electrician wire your sound system will also ensure that all aspects of your system will work together flawlessly, can be controlled via a central point as well as a device like an iPhone, and will be done in a way that will reduce any risk of failure or fire.

User Interface Management Consoles
Many yachts are already outfitted with various high end electronics, but require individual management or multiple management systems for each one. There are now multiple high end user interface consoles that can be used to integrate the controls for all of the various electronic devices on your yacht as well as the software tools you may use in to one central location. You can then integrate these consoles in to various points throughout your yacht, including wall paneling, in the cockpit, or within tables to allow multiple points of control for added convenience. Having an experienced yacht electrician design and implement your user interface experience will also ensure a custom solution built to your exact specifics, so not only will you be able to manage your entire yacht from the ease of a central device, but also strategically place them throughout your boat for improved ease of use.

Monitoring & Alerts Systems
Aside from managing all of the bells and whistles in your yacht from a central user interface console, it is also important to have a system that oversees the safety and functionality of every electrical system on board. With each new electronic integration will come additional wiring, additional need for power and additional overall strain on your yacht over time, so it is important that you have something in place to carefully monitor each system for any issues, drops in efficiency, failures, unwanted heat and so much more. For example, having a monitoring system that monitors for any elevation in heat in your onboard systems will help you more quickly identify wiring issues that may lead to fire or system inefficiency issue that can lead to power loss or power failure, and then alert you to the issue and it’s location to avoid any potentially dangerous situations. Yacht monitoring systems can also be used to monitor the onboard pump systems and alert you to any problems with things like your bilge pump as well as identify any water backup or water that may be finding it’s way through any cracks in your hull. High-end systems will have multiple failsafes in place as well as various alerting methods, often times to a personal device like an iPhone as well as onboard alerting to make you and your crew aware of the potential problems.

If you are interested in learning more about how Tess Electrical and it’s team of experienced Yacht engineers can design a high upgrade to your yachts onboard electronics, please reach out to one of our experienced yacht specialists today for more information.

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