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Power Management System (PMS) with GENSYS 2.0 MARINE

What is the GENSYS 2.0 MARINE?

The GENSYS 2.0 MARINE is a control unit designed for marine generator switchboard panels. This Power Management System (PMS) unit combines all necessary functions to accommodate all types of marine projects. The GENSYS 2.0 MARINE units are made to fit all types of applications, 1 to 32 generator capacity. The flexibility in its design and user friendly PLC software allows the GENSYS to easily be retrofitted into existing systems, as well as improve time management and budget costs on new builds. Contact TESS Electrical Sales Department today for a FREE consultation and estimate for your yacht.

Features and Protections:gensys

  • Manual and Automatic Engine Control
  • Automatic Start/Stop Control Depending on Load Demand
  • Alternator Control and Protections
  • Engine Parameters Display: Oil Pressure, Water Temp, Speed, Hours Run Meter…
  • Generator Electrical Parameters Display: Phase-Phase Voltage, Phase-Neutral Voltage, Current, Frequency
  • The last 50 alarms and last 50 faults are recorded in non volatile memory
  • Manual and Automatic Frequency and Phase Synchronization
  • Manual and Automatic Voltage Synchronization
  • Load Sharing and kW Control
  • Load Sharing and kVAR Control
  • Breaker Control
  • Synchronization with Bus Bar
  • kW and kVAR Load/Unload Management
  • Tie Breaker ControlCRE Tech
  • Fully Compatible with all Speed Governors and AVRs
  • Size: 248 x 197 x 57 mm
  • Panel Cut Out: 177 x 228 mm
  • Weight: 4.2 lb

All-In-One Power Management System: Meet with the Professionals

Like every TESS product we support, the GENSYS unit benefits from our technical support team. Our Automation Department has the knowledge and experience to answer all your questions about the GENSYS 2.0 MARINE. Let our engineers share what improvements/benefits the installation will do for your vessel. TESS Electric in coordination with CRE Technology can also provide pre-programmed GENSYS 2.0 MARINE according to the customers requirements, prior to installation. Would you like to see a GENSYS 2.0 MARINE unit in person? Please contact, Karl Gallet, Sales Representative,, to set up an appointment.

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