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December 16, 2016
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Reliability and Performance Guaranteed with Magnus Marine

TESS Electric is extremely proud of the relationship we have built with Magnus Marine. A leader and true innovator in the shore power industry. Below we are listing just a few of the many benefits and products Magnus Marine and TESS electrical marine services can offer. If you have any questions please contact  TESS Electric for a FREE consultation 954-583-6262 or at our website

New Wavelength of the Future

TESS has partnered with Magnus Marine for their forward thinking, higher quality, and pursuit of something greater than what’s offered currently in the marine industry. Shipyards and luxury yachts want to push the limits of technology, style, while maintaining high standards of quality and safety. Magnus Marine shore power converters accomplish all of the these things and more. Just ask those who have made the change.

“Magnus Marine systems are build to deliver dependable marine power wherever you happen to be in the world. Chosen by many of the world’s leading shipyards and luxury yachts, our systems guarantee comfort, convenience and safety. No more flickering lights, loss of picture on your television or your computers misbehaving – just a flawless supply.”

“Built for tomorrow’s yachts, our systems significantly reduce harmful emissions and ensure the ultimate in quite power provision when in harbor.”

Maximizing Power Availability

“Connection to any of the common worldwide shore voltage and frequencies, single or three phase. As a result, connection can be made to shore quickly and without fuss, no matter where the yacht is berthed.”

“Using the latest modular design, the SP100 and SP200 provides a highly reliable, clean and efficient shore power conversion system. Active front-end technology on each shore cord input enables maximum power transfer to the yacht. Drawing clean sinusoidal current at Unity Power Factor from any power source not only ensures minimum supply disturbances but increases power availability to its maximum. Multiple input converters can be connected to any supply available.”

Built-in Synchronization

Built-in synchronization allows for seamless transfer from shore to generator and vice versa. In addition, automatic synchronization allows the SP 200 converters to start on a live bus, minimizing on board control and automation sections to facilitate installation.

Unique Modular Design

The modular design makes the system compact and highly serviceable. In the unlikely event of a module failure, the system will continue to operate at a reduced capacity.  Modules can be isolated and replaced with minimal downtime. ON replacement, each module will automatically be configured ready for service.

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