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June 6, 2017
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Specialized Surveys – Why They Are Crucial For Your Yachts Health


An integral part in maintaining a safe and efficient boat is performing regular surveys on your yacht both internally and externally. Typically marine surveys will include one or a number of various inspections of your primary systems and it’s hull, as well as tests of it’s electrical systems, lights and alarms. In this article we will cover three of the more important survey’s that should be conducted on yacht.

Hull Inspection Survey
The hull inspection is arguably one of the most important marine surveys that should be run on a yacht or commercial vessel. A hull inspection survey will take in to account everything on your boat that is underwater. This includes not only the hull, but the rudders, the propellors, the anodes and any other components that may be present. Hull inspections will also take in to account the thickness of the hulls steel or aluminum, as well as any moisture content that may exist. This survey should be conducted not only prior to purchasing a vessel, but also at least 1 to 2 times per year.

Megger Testing Surveys
Megger testing is a method of testing that helps to verify the condition of electrical insulation. Megger testing is a very popular survey method on yachts not only because of the insight that it can provide in to your electrical systems, but also due to how non-invasive it is. Generally, this test is used to provide information on the condition of the current and whether or not there may be moisture or dirt causing deterioration in the insulation.

Thermal Imaging Survey
Thermal imaging surveys are one of the most versatile and useful surveys that can be run on a boat as they are 100% non-invasive and can detect malfunctions in a number of different types of electrical systems. Thermal imaging surveys utilize infrared light to visualize heat coming off of any surface, quickly allowing a surveyor to identify electrical equipment that is not being cooled properly, lights that are creating unnecessary heat, or any number of other pieces of equipment that may be working too hard, and as a result are putting off excess heat.

If you are interested in having Tess Electrical run these or any number of additional surveys on your yacht or commercial marine vessel, please contact our sales and services department to schedule your appointment.

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