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September 12, 2016
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SEPHCO Marine Load Banks

TESS Marine Electric is a proud distributor of SEPHCO Marine Loadbanks.

Smartload® is the most complete marine generator load control system available in the world today”

TESS Electric has partnered with Sephco because they have perfected the manufacturing of load banks for over 25 years, and have continually set the benchmark for generator load protection. This type of focus and product excellence aligns perfectly with TESS Electric’s motto, our commitment to service.

Marine load banks apply an automatic, supplementary load on diesel generating sets, to ensure the engine is always sufficiently loaded, to perform at the manufacturer’s optimum efficiency and specification. Diesel generators are designed for peak performance, to run within a load range parameter however; this is not always the real time situation. When diesel engines are under-loaded, efficiency is compromised due to incomplete fuel combustion. This causes premature engine wear, loss of lubrication, cylinder bore glazing, slobbering and increased emissions, further compounding the problem by affecting associated exhaust treatment systems and running costs. Diesel engines need to work!

The marine Smartload® is a water-cooled heat exchanger. At its heart is a seawater cooled carbon fiber composite vessel, with heat resistors specifically developed to withstand the rigors of salt-water operation. The brains of the Smartload® is the latest generation of Auto Load Shedding control, which has been designed to suit the special requirements of marine applications, including loading of multiple generating sets. The complete package has been solely developed as a marine unit.


Installation of the appropriately sized LSMC type load bank, connected in parallel with the boat’s load, ensures smooth running and operation of the genset, regardless of the on-board load condition. LSMC series load banks incorporate the Smartload® LSM800D load monitoring, microprocessor controller.

As the boat’s load falls below the minimum level appropriate for the genset, step by step load stages are switched in from the load bank, to supplement the boat’s load.

Safety First: The LSM800D monitors water temperature, system flow and operating pressure. In the event of over-temperature, a pump cool-down period is initiated prior to shut down.

Additional Functions

  • Display panel indicating, elapsed hours, % load or kW setting on genset, text messages indicating the type of fault conditions, data entry display of setup parameters
  • Enable/Disable input
  • Alarm stats of: Coolant high temp, Resistor high temp, over pressure, low water flow and pump overload or failure
  • Direct connection through USB socket
  • MODBUS RTU protocol. RS485 interface, 2 wire with signal ground and shield
  • UPGRADE Option: dual menu operation may be necessary when generators are combined or in sync, or when generators on vessels are of different capacities. The upgrade will provide access to a second operational menu, activated by a remote signal.

smart-loadLSMC Standard Models

Available in 208V, 240V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 480V


Little maintenance is required. Once installed, years of trouble-free operation can be expected. Periodic service requires flushing the system with a de-scaling solution, specially developed for the application. The Smartload® controller incorporates an operational hour display, to indicate service intervals.

Contact us today for a FREE consultation! Installation is simple and easy. The system is supplied as a package unit, which requires only connection to seawater supply and discharge. TESS can handle the electrical installation of  the Smartload® quickly and efficiently. Call today: 954-583-6262

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