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November 14, 2017
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December 6, 2017
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Tess Electrical Land Division Offers Experienced Electrical and Lighting Services


Tess Electrical not only provides high quality marine electrical and marine engineering services to boats and commercial vessels, but has now expanded in to a full land division, providing highly experienced, licensed electrical and engineering work for marinas, dockside utilities, waterfront properties, hotels, showrooms and much more. Tess can also work closely with contractors and architects to ensure all needs and requirements for your project or new construction can be met with excellence. While we offer a wide variety of land based services, below are some of our more popular service options.

Dock Lighting
Tess Electrical is experienced in the design and installation of various dock lighting solutions for anything from a private waterfront home dock all the way up to commercial marinas catering to larger commercial vessels. We specialize in power efficiency by installing high quality LED lighting to not only save energy, but also create a more safe and pleasant atmosphere for those using the dock space at night. When it comes to showing off your dock, the right lighting can mean everything. If you don’t know what type of lighting to choose, you may not create the type of atmosphere you’re hoping to provide to your guests or patrons. If you need further help after considering the available options, make sure to speak with our experts at Tess Electrical.

LED Conversions
Tess Electrical also specializes in LED conversions for docks, marinas, showrooms, hotels and much more. Converting your existing halogen lighting setup to one that is either primarily or entirely LED can have a number of benefits. For one, LED lights are considerably more energy efficient, not only cutting down on energy costs but also reducing the costs associated with frequent bulb replacement. LED light is also more pleasant, or less harsh, than the light produced by standard halogen bulbs, cutting down on harsh “light pollution” that may take away from the ambiance you’re looking to achieve.

Commercial Wiring
Tess also offers a wide range of commercial wiring services to land based businesses both within and outside of the marine industry. Whether you need a lighting overhaul done in your showroom, enhanced monitoring and alerting for internal systems, preventative maintenance, electrical audits, or any number of other commercial electrical needs, Tess can provide experienced electrical services for your business.

To learn more about our Land Division and the wide variety of electrical services offered, feel free to reach out to our excellent sales and support staff with any of your project needs.

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