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January 8, 2018
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The Top Marina Electrical Equipment for 2018

With a new year ready to start, what better way to give a fresh new look to your marina than by updating some of your marina electrical equipment. As companies are constantly releasing unbelievable new products as well as advances in older marina electrical equipment, there is a wide variety of small changes that you can make to your marina that can have a big impact for boaters and non-boating patrons alike. Here are a few of our favorites for the upcoming year.

Lights / Dock Lights
When it comes to marina lighting, and more specifically dock lighting, the best way to go is using LED lighting. LED lights are not only more energy efficient and last longer than standard lighting, but they also create more ambience and put off less of a harsh light feeling, or what some may call light pollution. You can replace just about any lighting from your dock pedestals, under dock lighting, overhead marina lighting, and even any decorative lighting you may have throughout the marina with LED lighting. Aside from the energy efficiency benefits and improved ambiance, there is also an improved safety aspect to providing better lighting. Not only will boaters have an easier time navigating their slip at night, it will also make your patrons feel more comfortable walking around your marina when they return from a boat trip once the sun has gone down. When it comes to upgrading marina electrical equipment, enhancing your lighting with LED’s is our top suggestion.

Dock Power
Can you remember the last time the dock power pedestals were replaced or upgraded in your marina? Dock pedestal technology is one that continues to advance, whether it’s relating to the improvements in casing, safety enhancements, power efficiency upgrades, upgradability and so much more. From a safety standpoint, newer dock power pedestals can be made with non-conductive polycarbonate and uv-resistant materials, not only making them stronger and more resistant to the elements, but also provide an extra level of safety when it comes to avoiding accidental electric shocks. In addition, newer dock power pedestals take great care in not only improving upon the internal wiring of previous models, but also implement improved securing and grounding techniques to ensure electrical efficiency as well as reduce risk. Most newer dock pedestals also already come outfitted with LED lighting, which is often times downward facing, so that boaters can more easily see the dock without having the light shine in their eyes. And if you’re looking to provide even more for your marina patrons, many newer dock power pedestals come with the ability to connect cable and high speed internet connections, just adding to the overall services you can advertise.

Security Cameras & Systems
One of the top priorities for any marina owner or operator is of course ensuring the safety of anyone on the premises. One excellent way to increase the security of your marina as well as make your boaters feel more safe is to install a modern security system fully integrated with security cameras. Newer systems have features like enhanced motion detection, night vision, much higher resolutions, sound capabilities, and wi-fi capabilities. You can also install cameras that are both meant to be seen as well as easily concealed to ensure that even if a camera were to be tampered with, you would still be able to maintain your surveillance. Many new systems also come with full smart phone control, so that you can not only monitor cameras, but also manage your system and get any needed alerts straight to an application on your phone. If improving the safety and security for your marina is a goal for 2018, focusing your marina electrical upgrade around a new security system is definitely a strong investment.

If you have any questions at all about how Tess Electrical can help improve either the functionality or look of your marina with new marina electrical equipment, reach out to one of our experienced marina electricians today for more information.

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