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If you’re in the market to purchase a new or used yacht, you’ll eventually need to have a yacht survey performed. If you choose to go with a brand new yacht, you may not necessarily need a full survey done, but, if you’re considering buying a used yacht, you will likely be required to have a yacht survey done for financing or insurance purposes. In fact, in many cases, banks and insurance providers won’t even consider your application without a thorough inspection performed by professionals.Conducting a professional yacht survey will help you determine the true value of the boat and what (if any) repairs are necessary to get the boat into its best operating condition. You should never rely on a survey provided by a previous owner, even if it was done recently. The boat may still have suffered unnoticeable damage that can only be detected by a trained professional.

Condition and Value (C&V) Surveys

Condition and Value or C&V surveys are the most common type of yacht survey performed when buying a used boat, and are sometimes referred to as “pre-purchase surveys.” Whether a survey is required by your lender or not, it’s always a good idea to get one done prior to purchasing any used boat.

A C&V survey covers everything from the boat’s hull and structures to its systems. These comprehensive inspections essentially include the entire yacht and its propulsion systems. However, in cases of some very large, expensive boats, a separate engine survey is sometimes needed. Also, if you’re purchasing a large sailboat you may be required to have additional rigging surveys done prior to the sale.

This type of survey requires the boat to be hauled out of the water in order to properly inspect its hull and underwater gear. A surveyor will check the hull and deck using a moisture meter and a hammer sounding method to determine if any voids or delamination are present. Any areas in the core of the boat that may become susceptible to rot or softening can also be uncovered during the inspection. This will prevent any surprise costly repairs post-sale.

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Engine Surveys

You will require an engine survey for a boat with a particularly expensive or complex engine system or one that has neglected regular maintenance. Engine surveys make sure the propulsion and generator engines on your boat are in proper operational order.

These typically include a thorough inspection of controls, electrical, cooling, and exhaust systems, as well as engine mounts. The surveyor will also check the temperature of the boat’s compression, engine, and exhaust. Typically, oil samples will also be taken and tested.

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Rigging Surveys

Whether a rigging survey is necessary depends on the age of the rig, its prior use, and its intended purpose. Red flags that indicate you should get a rigging survey conducted on your boat include a rig that is older than 10 years, visibly frayed stays, cracked swages, weeping chain-plates, and bottomed out turnbuckles. You will also require a rigging survey if you intend to race your boat or use it offshore.

This type of survey examines the condition of your sailboat's mast and boom as well as the associated rigging. During the process, a surveyor will perform inspections of all attachment points, welds, standing and running rigging, as well as the mast step.

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Other Types of Yacht Surveys

Appraisal Surveys

There are times when it’s necessary to establish the monetary value of your boat. Appraisal surveys can be performed to approximate a boat’s true value to be presented in cases of court or estate settlements. In some cases, a bank or a lender may require an appraisal survey prior to financing approval.

Damage Surveys

If your boat suffers damage during a storm or an accident, your insurance company may require an overview of the damages and an approximate cost of repairs. A damage survey is performed to evaluate the extent of harm and estimate what it will cost to get your boat back in working order.

New Yacht Surveys

Some especially large and expensive yachts require a new yacht survey, which is generally performed for custom-built models. These surveys can take place over a span of time, while the surveyor pays multiple visits to the manufacturer during the time that the boat is being constructed.

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Getting A Yacht Survey

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